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Founded in 1928, the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius is an organization of Eastern Orthodox and Western Christians (primarily Anglicans and Roman Catholics). Its stated purpose is to "pray and work for Christian unity, and provide opportunities for Orthodox Christians and Christians of Western traditions to meet and get to know one another, and so to deepen their understanding of each other's spirituality, theology and worship." Headquartered in Oxford, England, the fellowship exists with the approval of both the local Orthodox hierarchy and the hierarchs of the Roman and Anglican churches. Its patron saints are St. Alban and St. Sergius of Rostov.


Among other things, the Fellowship maintains a ministry of providing information about Eastern Orthodoxy to Western Christians in England and elsewhere. Each year the Fellowship also provides grants to organizations and initiatives which are in keeping with its mission. There are also Fellowship-sponsored activities in several Orthodox nations, including Greece, Romania, Russia and Serbia.


Membership in the Fellowship is open to any Christian who is a communicant of a recognized Christian body, and who desires to pray and work for Christian unity. Some notable members of the fellowship are The Most Rev. Rowan Williams, current Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia, Bishop Basil (Osborne) of Sergievo and His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain.

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