December 19

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Righteous Gregentios of Himyaritia, Wonderworker.
The relics of St. Elias of Murom (Ilya Muromets), Wonder-worker.

Martyr Boniface of Tarsus, at Tarsus in Cilicia (290), and Righteous Aglae (Aglais, Aglaida) of Rome (ca.303); Martyrs Elias, Probus, and Ares the Egyptians, in Cilicia (308); Martyrs Polyeuctus at Caesarea in Cappadocia, and the Deacon Timothy at Mauretania, by fire (309); Martyrs Eutychios and Thessaloniki, and with them 200 men and 70 women, by the sword; Martyr Tryphon, by hanging; Martyrs Hermylus and Phocas; Hieromartyr Capito (Capiton), Bishop of Cherson (4th c.); Righteous Gregentios of Himyaritia (Gregentios of Taphar, Gregentius of Ethiopia, Gregory of Omirits), Missionary Archbishop of the Himyarite Kingdom and Wonderworker (552); Saint Boniface the Merciful, Bishop of Ferentino (6th c.); Saints George the Scribe, and Sabbas, monks of Khakhuli Monastery (11th c.); Saint Fausta of Sirmium, the mother of St Anastasia of Sirmium (3rd c.); Saint Anastasius I, Pope of Rome (401); Saint Avitus (or Adjutus), Abbot of Micy near Orleans in France, renowned for the spirit of prophecy; Saint Manirus, one of the Apostles of the north of Scotland; Saint Gregory of Auxerre, the twelfth bishop of Auxerre in France and Confessor (ca.540); Saint Ribert (Ribarius), seventeenth Abbot of Saint-Oyend in France, he is venerated in Franche-Comté (ca.790); Venerable Elias of Murom, Wonder-worker of the Kiev Caves (1188); Saint Volodymyr Veselovsky (1974); Saint Seraphim (Romantsov), Schema-Archimandrite of Sukhumi (Abkhazia), Elder of Glinsk Monastery (1975); Other Commemorations: Repose of Blessed Hieromonk Hermogenes, founder of Kirensk and Albazin Monasteries in Siberia (1690).