December 16

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Prophet Haggai (Aggaeus) (500 BC); Martyr Marinus of Rome (283); Martyrs Promus (Probus) and Hilarion, by the sword; Saint Memnon, Archbishop of Ephesus (ca.440); Saint Modestus II, Patriarch of Jerusalem (634) (see also December 18); Saint Simeon, Archbishop of Antioch (834-840); Blessed Empress Theophania of Byzantium (893), wife of Byzantine Emperor Leo VI the Wise; Saint Nicholas Chrysoberges, Patriarch of Constantinople (995); Martyrs Valentine, Concordius, Navalis and Agricola, martyrs venerated in Ravenna in Italy. (ca.305); Women Martyrs of North-West Africa, a great number of women martyred under Hunneric, Arian King of the Vandals (482); Saint Dabheog (Beoc, Beanus, Mobeoc), founder of a monastery on an island in Lough Derg in Donegal in Ireland (5th c.); Saint Ado of Vienne (875); Saint Adelaide of Italy, daughter of the King of Burgundy, she was married to Lothair II of Italy, became a nun (999); Saint Sophia of Suzdal, nun (in the world Solomonia Saburova), wife of Grand Duke Basil III of Moscow (1542); New Hieromartyr Vladimir Alexeyev, Priest, of Okhansk (1918); New Hieromartyr Arcadius (Ostalsky), Bishop of Bezhetsk (1937); New Hieromartyr Alexander Kolokolov, Protopresbyter of Tver (1937); New Hieromartyr Paul Favoritov, Priest of Tver (1937); New Hieromartyr Macarius, Priest-monk of Tver (1937); New Hieromartyr Peter Zinoviev, Priest of Tver (1937); New Hieromartyr Theodosius Boldiriev, Priest of Tver (1937); New Hieromartyrs Priests Elias, and Vladimir (1937). Other events: Dedication of the Church of St. Christopher near St. Polyeuctos.