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Christopher Walusimbi is a missionary priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia active on Bukasa Island in Uganda.

Fr. Christopher Walusimbi was ordained by the late Metropolitan Vitaly of ROCOR in 1988 in Montreal, Canada. Following his ordination he returned to Uganda on Bukasa Island in Lake Victoria to continue the missionary work began by his brother-in-law, Gerasimos Kambites, and his sister Sarah Sempa. He is the first Black African priest ordained in ROCOR and is under the omophorion of Metr. Hilarion, first hierarch of ROCOR.

Fr. Christopher assumed a great burden to help those children in the Sesse Islands, who were orphaned as a result of the AIDS pandemic. A married priest he has had ten children. Sadly his two eldest sons, Alex and George, drowned in Lake Victoria as one jumped into the lake to save the other. Fr. Christopher has built a magnificent temple of the Annunciation, out of stone and topped with a multi-colored Russian style cupola. He has also for the past 25 years run an ambulance service from the island to the mainland 40 miles to the north.

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