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File:Example.jpgProviCare, (Providence of God and Care of the Church), is a community based non profit organisation providing a FREE Confidential Telephone Counselling and Rehabilitation service. It offers relief and support to people with Alcohol and/or Drugs (AOD) abuse problems, their families and carers.

ProviCare is a mission of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia led by His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos. A commitment was made by His Eminence to help save the lives of future generations by setting up a Drug and Alcohol Service. ProviCare was established with major support and donations from a variety of Greek philanthropists and the community at large with major fund raising activities.

A telephone counselling service was commenced in March 2004 which can be accessed around Australia on the toll free number: 1800 010 575. Not only do the Psychologists employed by ProviCare provide counselling, but also conduct a number of seminars, presentations and educational talks. They provide information and awareness for families and carers on how to interact with their child and other family members or friends who are drug and alcohol users.

ProviCare’s goal is to provide expert counselling, continuing education and support for the families, carers and individuals suffering from drug and alcohol use and other mental issues. If you are concerned about your own, or another’s Alcohol or Drug use, please do not hesitate to contact ProviCare on the toll free number provided above. ProviCare counsellors are experienced in the alcohol and drug field and are fluent in both Greek and English.