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Our Holy Trinity

Apostle Herodion of Patras of the Seventy Apostles (1st century); Saints Priscus, Malchus, and Alexander, of Caesarea of Palestine (259); Martyrs Jonah and Barachisius and those with them in Persia (330): Zanithas, Lazarus, Maruthas (Marotas), Narses, Elias, Marinus (Mares), Abibus, Sembeeth (Sivsithina), and Sabbas (see also March 29); Venerable Hesychios the Theologian of Jerusalem (434), disciple of St. Gregory the Theologian.; Venerable Hilarion the New, Abbot of Pelecete Monastery near Prusa (754); Saint Stephen the Confessor and Wonderworker, Abbot of Tryglia (815) (see also March 26); Hieromartyrs George, Bishop of Zagora, Parodus and Peter, priests, and Martyr Prince Enravota-Boyan (833), of Bulgaria; Martyrs Rogatus, Successus and Companions, a group of eighteen martyrs in North Africa; Saint Sixtus III of Rome (Xystus), Pope of Rome from 432; Saint Spes (Speus), an Abbot of Campi in central Italy (c. 513); Saint Gontram (Gunthrammus), a repentant King of Burgundy in France (592); Saint Gundelindis (Guendelindis), a daughter of the Duke of Alsace and niece of St Ottilia, whom she succeeded as Abbess of Niedermünster Abbey (c. 750); Saint Tutilo (Tuotilo), a gifted and artistic monk at St Gall Abbey in Switzerland (c. 915); Saint Conon of Naso, a monk and Abbot of the Greek monastery of Nesi in Sicily (1236); Venerable Martyr Eustratius of the Kiev Caves Monastery (1096); Saint Mstislav, Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal, son of Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky (1173); Venerable Hilarion of Pskov, monk, of Lake Gdov (1476); Venerable Dionysius the Merciful, Bishop of Larissa (1510); Venerable Jonah, Abbot of Klimets Monastery, Olonets (1534); Saint John, Bishop of Manglisi, Georgia (1751); New Hieromartyr Nicholas Postnikov, Priest(1931); New Hieromartyr Basil Malinin, Priest (1938); Martyr John Chernoff (1939); New Hieromartyr Peter Ochryzko, Priest of Chartoviec (Chełm and Podlasie, Poland) (1944); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Mother of God of "the Sign" (see also November 27)' Repose of Abbot Adrian (in schema Alexis) of Konevits Monastery (1812); Repose of Blessed Helen of Arzamas, disciple of Abbot Nazarius of Valaam Monastery (1820);