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Apostle Timothy

Apostle Timothy, of the Seventy Apostles (ca. 96); Monk-martyr Anastasius the Persian (628); 377 martyrs in Bulgaria, including: bishops Manuel, George, Peter, and Leontius, presbyters Sionius, Gabriel, John, Leontius, and Parodus; Hieromartyr Vincent the Deacon (Vincent of Saragossa), in Valencia under Diocletian (304); Martyrs Vincent, Orontius, and Victor, near Gerona in Spain (305); Saint Vincent of Digne, Bishop of Digne in France (380); Saint Blaesilla, a daughter of St Paula (383); Saint Gaudentius of Novara, Bishop of Novara and Confessor (417); Saint Wendreda, Virgin of March, Cambridgeshire (7th century); Saint Dominic of Sora, founder of several monasteries, renowned for miracles (1031); Saint Brithwald of Wilton (Bertwald of Ramsbury), Bishop of Ramsbury (1045); Venerable Martyr Anastasius the Deacon of the Kiev Caves Monastery (12th century); Venerable Joseph Samakus the Sanctified, of Crete (1511); Venerable Macarius, Abbot of Zhabyn (Belev), Wonder-worker (1623); Saint Ioasaph (Bolotov), Enlightener of Alaska and the American land (1799) New Hieromartyrs John, Nicholas, Jacob, Peter, John, John (1938); New Hieromartyrs John Uspensky and Euthymius Tikhonravov, Priests (1938); Other Commemorations: Finding of the Holy Icon of "Panagia Eleistria" in Koroni, Messenia (1897).