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Template:Hh Template:Evaldemo/3 (edit talk links history)

shows the call of a template or predefined template and its result, for documentation.
{{Evaldemo/3|left side|up to 3 additional parameters}}</tt>
{{Evaldemo/3|left side|up to 3 additional parameters|s=separator}}</tt>
The default separator is "gives", use s== to get "=". The first parameter has to be specified and can't be empty, compare Template:Evaldemo (edit talk links history)

. Please note that for parser functions the first parameter belongs to the left side before the "|" vertical bar aka pipe, use {{evaldemo}}

for examples without any vertical bar.
  1. {{Evaldemo/3|#ifeq: 1.00|+1|okay}}
  1. {{ #ifeq: 1.00|+1|okay}} gives okay
  1. {{Evaldemo/3|#ifeq: this|that<tt>||false|s=is}}</tt>
  1. {{ #ifeq: this|that||false}} is false

Optional substitution with subst=subst: is not supported. It's anyway against the spirit of this demo template showing what another template actually does, and not what it did some time ago.