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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Martyrdom of St. Ananias of Persia, with the ladder leading to heaven.

Prophet Nahum (7th c. b.c.); Saint Onesimus, Archbishop of Ephesus (c.107-17); Saints Ananias and Solochonus, Archbishops of Ephesus; Hieromartyr Ananias of Persia (345); Saint Porphyrios, Patriarch of Antioch (404-413); Righteous Philaret the Merciful, of Amnia in Asia Minor (792); Saint Anthony the New, monk of Kios in Bithynia (865); Saint Theoklitos (Theocletus) the Wonder-worker, Archbishop of Sparta (Lakedaimonias) (870); Saint Castritian, predecessor of St Calimerius as Bishop of Milan, bishop for forty-two years (137); Hieromartyrs Diodorus and Marianus, and Companions, martyrs in Rome under Numerian (c.283); Martyr Olympiades (Olympias), a noble from Rome (ex-consul) martyred in Amelia in Italy under Diocletian (c.303); Saint Ansanus, called The Baptizer or The Apostle of Siena (304); Martyrs Lucius, Rogatus, Cassian and Candida, in Rome; Saint Ursicinus of Brescia, Bishop of Brescia in Italy, took part in the Council of Sardica (347); Hieromartyr Evasius, first Bishop of Asti in Piedmont in Italy, martyred under Julian the Apostate (c.362); Saint Leontius of Fréjus, Bishop of Fréjus in France from c.419 to c.432, a great friend of St John Cassian who dedicated his first ten Conferences to him (c.432); Saint Candres of Maastricht, bishop who enlightened the Maastricht area (5th c.); Hieromartyr Proculus of Narni or Terni, martyred by Totila, King of the Goths (c.542); Saint Tudwal, Bishop of Lan Pabu (c. 564); Saint Constantian, born in Auvergne, he became a monk at Micy (Orleans), and founded a monastery at Javron (c.570); Saint Agericus (Aguy, Airy), Bishop, successor of St Desiderius in Verdun in France (591); Saint Eligius (Eligios, Eloi, Eloy), Bishop of Noyon (Neth.) (660); Saint Grwst the Confessor, in the Welsh Kingdom of Gwynedd (7th c.); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics of Saint Botolph (Botwulf of Thorney), Abbot and Confessor, of Ikanhoe, England (680); Repose of Righteous Virgin Barbara (Shulaeva) of Pilna (1980);