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St. Tkhons Liturgy

There is no anz evidence that Saint Tikhon aproved those Liturgy--Ddpbf 02:32, April 18, 2007 (PDT)

I had not noticed that mistake in the article and have removed it. While St Tikhon did submit the American Book of Common Prayer (1892) to Moscow, and the Moscow commission did produce a substantial report noting the many changes that would have to be made, neither St Tikhon nor the commission produced an authorized 'Anglican' rite of any kind. The Liturgy of St Tikhon used in the Antiochian Archdiocese was the work of Fr Joseph Angwin of the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, Detroit, who brought his parish into the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate. Fr Angwin's work is based on the 1928 BCP. Of course, my mention of these facts in no way affects the competence of the Church of Antioch to authorize this liturgy, nor the appropriateness of naming the liturgy in St Tikhon's honor. But let's at least be clear about the actual history. --Fr Lev 05:31, April 18, 2007 (PDT)