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Sources and further details

I am not sure who contributed the different parts to this article, but I think it would be appropriate to break up this section into two different sections, a sources and a further reading section. It would also be helpful if sources were referenced within the article by a superscript or parenthetical citation. Joe 2006-06-19

Population control?

Arbible, I've got a question -- I remember reading an essay by Fr. Matta El-Meskeen which basically recognized the right of the Egyptian government to force population control on it's citizens. Can you offer any perspective on how has this particular opinion been received by the Coptic church? Thanks, — FrJohn (talk)

Thanks Father. The Coptic Orthodox Church is not against appropriate birth control. Here is a short statement by HG Anba Moussa, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Youth Affairs, about the subject: "The church never stands against birth control within marriage as long as the means of achieving this purpose is not killing the embryo or hurting the partners. The Church permits contraception for the purpose of planning the family, which you will support spiritually, educationally, psychologically, physically, socially and financially."
Yours in Christ, --Arbible 05:41, September 19, 2006 (CDT)