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The sources on the web create an inconsistency concerning a patriarch called Callinicus III. Claude Delaval Cobham's The Patriarchs of Constantinople [[1]] shows a Callinicus III who died on Nov 19, 1726 of joy hearing his election! Also. between Cyrillos V and Serapheim II a Callinicos IV is shown who was deposed and banished to M. Sinai. The Ecumenical Patriarch site shows no Callinicus III in 1726, but one in 1757! [[2]] 'The Ecumenical Patriarch Callinicus III' site [[3]] places the less than a day reign in 1757, but the Grand Vizier noted in that article does not trace to the listing of Viziers [[4]] neither in 1726 nor 1757. Wikipedia article [[5]] places the less than one day reign in 1726. Thus, regardless what the Ecum. patriarch site lists the Wikipedia position seems a truer description for Callinicus III and Callinicus IV. Wsk 19:21, November 29, 2010 (UTC)