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The Orthodox Christian Network is a media agency of the Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America that uses modern media to raise the awareness of the Orthodox Christian faith in the minds of the general population in North America. OCN also designs media tools for local parishes. OCN is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

OCN produces a number of programs. These include "Come Receive the Light," a nationally syndicated Orthodox radio program; the "ARK," a twenty-four hour internet radio station of Orthodox themed music; and the "RUDDER," a twenty four hour internet radio station that features traditional Orthodox liturgical music and chant. OCN also produces many podcasts and customized internet radio stations that feature programming for local parishes.

In the words of Fr. Christopher Metropulos, the founder and Executive Director of OCN, "OCN's mission is to use modern media to communicate the timeless truth of Orthodoxy to the modern world.”[1]

OCN was a former SCOBA agency.


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