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This page is to discuss the Arabic-language version of OrthodoxWiki, located at http://ar.orthodoxwiki.org.

To Do List

What needs to be done in order to get an Arabic-language version of OrthodoxWiki rolling?

From my perspective, this would include:

  1. Someone to take responsibility for moderating the content on the wiki.
  2. Translation of the basic site information, as listed at OrthodoxWiki:Localization - this is the main prerequisite, as far as I am concerned (i.e. FrJohn).
  3. A small group of people who can assist the moderator, at least some of whom have a solid understanding of how OrthodoxWiki works, and can ensure some consistency of tone and content. (I.e. enforcing NPOV, etc.)
  4. I can set up a fresh MediaWiki installation, but it would be helpful to have someone who speaks Arabic and is committed to the project who has technical expertise to help manage the wiki or at least help with localization-specific issues, with as optimizing the wiki for BIDI text and so on.
  5. It may be desirable, in addition to ar.OrthodoxWiki.org, to have an IDN domain. Any suggestions? What's "OrthodoxWiki" in Arabic?

Relevant Links

Group Members