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Eudoxia, or Eudokia (often Latinized as Eudocia; East Slavic Евдокия, Євдокія, Yevdokiya) is the English language transliteration of the Greek feminine personal name Ευδοκία (Ευδοκία/Evdokia or Ευδοξία/Evdoxia). It was mainly popular in late antiquity and in the Middle Ages, but is still in use today. It may refer to the following:


  • Saint Eudokia the Empress, wife of Theodosius the Younger, in Palestine († 460), August 13[9][10]
  • Righteous Eudokimos of Cappadocia (9th century), July 31[11]
  • Saint Eudokimos the Unknown (the newly-revealed), monk of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos, whose relics were uncovered on 5 October 1840, October 5[16][17][note 4]
  • Virgin-martyr Evdokia Safronova (1938), November 3/16.


  • Eudoxiana , a large beautiful church in Gaza having thirty-two large marble columns, erected at the expense of Empress Aelia Eudoxia during the tenure of Bp. Porphyrios of Gaza and dedicated on Pascha, 407 AD.[18][note 5]
  • Eudoxias, a city and bishopric in the late Roman province of Galatia Secunda, in Asia Minor.


  1. The memory of this little girl is preserved in the Jerusalemitic Canonarion, p. 107. She is otherwise unknown in the Synaxaria.
  2. There is some confusion in the Synaxaria between this Eudokia (Eudok-ia) and the martyr Ia:
    • Martyrs Ia and 9,000 with her in Persia (363) - also August 4.
  3. She is also commemorated on July 7, the day of her repose.
  4. This Venerable Saint lived in the Monastery of Vatopedi, and was given the name "Eudokimos" after his holy relics were discovered on October 5, 1840.
  5. The church was constructed directly upon the ruins of The Marneion, the temple sacred to Zeus Marnas, who was the local Hellenistic incarnation of Dagon. It was the last surviving great cult center of paganism, and was burned by order of the Roman emperor in 402 AD. After the Muslim conquest in the 7th century, the Church of St. Porphyrios ( Eudoxiana ) was transformed into the Great Mosque of Gaza.


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