Alexander Dmitrievich Samarin

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Alexander Dmitrievich Samarin - 1913

Alexander Dmitrievich Samarin was Ober-Procurator of the Apostolic Governing Synod, the Imperial government governing agency over the Church of Russia, for three months in 1915, succeeding Vladimir Karlovich Sabler.

Before he became ober-procurator, Alexander Dmitrievich was a Zemstvo leader, leader of the nobility for Bogorodsky, and for Moscow Province from 1908 to 1915. He also held a position with the Russian Red Cross during World War I.

He held the office of ober procurator only from July 15 to September 26, 1915.

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Alexander Dmitrievich Samarin
Preceded by:
Vladimir Karlovich Sabler
Succeeded by:
Alexander Nikolayevich Volzhin
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