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The '''Great Feasts''' of the [[Orthodox Church]] are the major celebrations throughout the [[Church Calendar|liturgical year]]. While various [[saint]]s and events are celebrated with significance on the local level, the entire Church celebrates together thirteen [[feast]]s above all the rest, '''[[Pascha]]''' and the '''Twelve Great Feasts'''.
== Pascha ==
The feast of the [[Resurrection]] of [[Jesus Christ]], called [[Pascha]] (Easter), is the greatest of the feasts of the [[Orthodox Church]]. It is also called the '''Feast of Feasts'''.  It is celebrated on the first [[Sunday]] after the Paschal Full Moon (''see'' [[Paschalion]]).
== The Twelve Great Feasts ==
There are other days of great importance in the life of the Church -- the '''Twelve Great Feasts''', which commemorate and present us again to the historic presence of major events in the lives of our Lord [[Jesus Christ]] and his [[Theotokos|Holy Mother]].
Seven greats feasts in honor of our Lord [[Jesus Christ]] and five great feasts honoring the [[Theotokos]] constitute the Twelve Great Feasts.
#[[September 8]], the [[Nativity of the Theotokos]]
#[[September 14]], the [[Elevation of the Holy Cross]]
#[[November 21]], the [[Presentation of the Theotokos]]
#[[December 25]], the [[Nativity]] of Christ (Christmas)
#[[January 6]], [[Theophany]], the Baptism of Christ
#[[February 2]], the [[Presentation]] of Christ
#[[March 25]], the [[Annunciation]]
#The Sunday before Pascha, [[Palm Sunday]]
#Forty Days after Pascha, the [[Ascension]] of Christ
#Fifty Days after Pascha, [[Pentecost]]
#[[August 6]], the [[Transfiguration]]
#[[August 15]], the [[Dormition]] (Falling Asleep) of the Theotokos
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