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2007-11-23: I visited the links on Second Life this evening. Here are my results: Agios Spyridon -- okay. Saint Dionysius Skete (Canopus) -- gone. Russian Empire -- okay. Loom Weaver (St. Sava) -- okay. St. Nicholas -- okay. Thalipolli -- gone. St. George (Larsson) -- okay. Hellas (Hagios Dimitrios) -- okay.

As with the flat Web, some sites move (Saint Dionysius Skete) or disappear (Thalipolli -- it costs real money to keep land ownership in SL after buying it). Please try and --Arbible 12:27, November 24, 2007 (PST)

The "Seth" SLURL immediately above now points to a plot of land that is for sale. --Wilsonch 13:55, December 16, 2007 (PST)