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Is Serapion of Thmuis an official Eastern Orthodox Saint or his he merely a "saint" for the Egyptian church? Also, what tag do I need to give this article? Vasiliki 22:47, December 21, 2008 (UTC)

St Serapion is commemorated on March 21st in the Eastern Orthodox Church, as well as being commemorated by the Oriental Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. --Fr Lev 00:31, December 22, 2008 (UTC)
Wonderful! Thank you so much ...I was hoping someone would say that. Also, are his writings considered theologically OK or should they be read with caution ... Vasiliki 00:38, December 22, 2008 (UTC)

I removed the material on his Euchologion from this biographical article, since it is more appropriate for the article on the Euchologion itself. I know of nothing theologically suspect about St Serapion's work. --Fr Lev 00:48, December 22, 2008 (UTC)

"Absent Byzantines synaxaries, the memory of this great confessor of the Orthodox faith [i.e. Serapion of Thmuis] is mentioned in the February 7 in the Gospel Parisianus gr. 282 (ninth century). ° f 233r. The Roman Martyrologium place his memory on March 21 by confusion with that of the Serapion Sindonite." (Fr Macarius of Simonopetra, in his Synaxarion) --Inistea 15:50, March 20, 2014 (PDT)