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I'm curious as to the reason for adding the "Orthodoxize" tag. I appreciate that this was basically lifted from WikiPedia, but it doesn't appear to have anything basically un-Orthodox about it (except possibly that the Septuagint is the Eastern Orthodox canon.) It certainly merits being expanded, given the significance of the Three Holy Children in matins worship and as a Resurrectional icon in general. Is that all you were getting at, or is there a meaning to the tag that I'm not picking up on?
Paterakis 06:49, December 14, 2006 (PST)

Hmm... I think the discussions about the place of the Hymn in other churches should perhaps be put into a separate section, or at least collected into a separate paragraph lower down. The leading paragraph should state what it means for Orthodox Christians, and give more detail about its liturgical uses. — FrJohn (talk)
I added the tag exactly for the reasons FrJohn stated. Basically, it mentions the Protestant perspective first, followed by the Catholic and then Orthodox one. It's really a question of emphasis. There's nothing wrong with mentioning what Protestants think, but that should come at or towards the end. Gabriela 20:38, December 14, 2006 (PST)