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I have a problem with a couple of things in the 'Independent' box added to the top of this article. First, it says "[t]his USER REPRESENTS an 'independent religious group'...." Shouldn't that be "This ARTICLE REFERS to"? Second, I think the description is a little harsh -- "independent religious group." While I am not connected to the OCG, I see no necessity for refusing to describe it as a "Church." Indeed, since the intra-OrthoWiki link is to an article on "Independent Orthodox Churches," I suggest the "religious group" term be changed to "Church" (I am not sure how to change that box). Third, saying it "may call herself 'Orthodox'" also sounds unnecessarily negative -- I should think the part of the text saying it isn't recognized by or in communion with the other Orthodox Churches should be sufficient. I wrote this entry because some of the people involved are well-known and even well-regarded; His Grace Bishop Kallistos (Ware) has a connection to the community at Béthanie. This local Church is only a couple of months old. I would like to see what comes of it. --Fr Lev 07:31, March 5, 2007 (PST)

Looking at the template a second time, I see now that it appears to be intended for use on user pages, rather than articles, so I don't have any huge problem with its coming down.
Having said that, is there not some other template that is appropriate? My assumption is that there would be a desire to distinguish this "church" from the "Church," if you get my meaning. I gather that the intent of marking the article as such isn't necessarily disparaging. I would be interested in knowing the thoughts of others.Paterakis 09:09, March 5, 2007 (PST)