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Biased, untrue and no brotherly love or respect

I find it absolutely disgusting - and there is no other applicable word here - for what is on this page.

-Firstly, a "List of Patriarchs of Alexandria" if you had to choose, is generally regarded as the Oriental Orthodox line by scholars worldwide, oriental and non-oriental.

-Secondly, next to 451 it reads "Monophysite Schism", which shows a high level of ignorance and pure cunning evil. Anyone who knows anything about the schism knows that the two parties involved are today known as the Easter Orthodox (later Catholic & Protestants too) and Oriental Orthodox. Neither one of these groups believe in Monophysis, both regard it as heresy! It is true that the Eastern side THOUGHT (misunderstood) the Oriental believed in one (only Divine) Nature of Christ, but this is not, never has nor ever will be true. The Oriental Orthodox believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is fully Divine and fully Human, two natures, but these two natures cannot be separated from each other, i.e. Christ has one (combined) nature out of two - the greek word for this is Miaphysis. The proof for this is the declaration in the confession during the Holy Liturgy.

-Thirdly, if you really want to be fair or even have any respect for your sister Church, just as much the Church of Christ as is any other Church, then you should put a link to the Coptic Orthodox list of Popes and another link to the Greek Orthodox.

-Fourthly, just for your information and in reference to my first point, 95% of Christians in Egypt are Oriental Orthodox today and actually more were after 451. The patriarchs of Alexandria have always been Oriental Orthodox but following 451 and the abuse of the Eastern Church of the power of the Roman Empire, Easter patriarchs were "installed" in opposition whilst anyone who professed their Oriental Orthodox faith were PERSECUTED and KILLED by their own "Christian" brothers.

-FIfthly, think i'm biased? Go check your sources.