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This source (which gets several details wrong and appears to confuse Belgrade with Bilhorod and Sochi with Suceava) was recently brought to my attention. I'm absolutely certain that this is the same saint as St. John the New of Suceava and so surely the two names should not appear on this page as though they were separate saints?

I would suggest that 'John the New of Sochi who suffered at Belgrade' is nothing more than a very poor, and confusing, translation of 'John the New of Suceava who suffered at Cetatea Alba'. It is particularly confusing as in English it implies two wholly diferent cities from the ones in which the martyr suffered and where his relics are, so I'd suggest that editting the page to remove it. I am slightly hesitant to do so unilaterally, however, as there is a small possibility that these are two separate saints in reality and that the OCA merely rather confusingly attributed the life of one to the other. I think the chance of this is very slim indeed, but it's sufficient to make me hesitant.

I've also just noticed that John of Aspokastron is also on the page and is linked through to the article of John the New of Suceava, that means that I think we have three different references to the same saint, one of which I believe to be a spurious translation (John of Sochi), one of which seems to be an alternative title in Greek (John of Aspokastron) and one which is incorect in designating him as a confessor (he is Great Martyr St. John the New of Suceava - there is no other St. John the New of Suceava). I'm not sure what you might want to do about alternative titles for any given saint, but it seems to me that the entry for the feasts on a given day should only refer to a particular saint once, otherwise it looks like you have more than one individual referred to.