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Do we have a template for the information box for American monasteries like the Australasian monasteries? - Aristibule

It's exactly the same. Just change everything after an '=' to what you'd like (say 'ROCOR' after Jurisdiction). Also, I put in 'WR' after Musical Tradition in the St Petroc entry, mainly because I could see a better place for it. -- Pistevo 21:25, 2 November 2005 (CST)

Thanks. And a reminder, it is Saint Petroc, not St Petroc - a mistake made by the webmaster for page on the Archdiocesan webpage (Fr. Michael was depending on student volunteers at that point). Saint Petroc has an Anglican/Sarum musical tradition, Christminster uses Benedictine Gregorian and some Ambrosian. - Aristibule

When I moved to Buffalo I had the intention to visit this monastery, but before I was able to and tried to look into it for more recent information, since most online information on this monastery is out of date, I discovered that it was led by a so called Archbishop Anthony Bondi, who left ROCOR and apparently brought this monastery with him. It's actually unclear if this monastery even currently exists in any form. Once I discovered they left Orthodoxy (from asking some clergy and others involved in the western rite), I did not make any efforts to check if the building listed on google maps currently has any activity.

I edited this page to reflect its noncanonical status as I believe it is important to have this information out there, as someone may wish to visit (as I did), and they should be readily able to know that it no longer exists as an Orthodox monastery. But I only put the bare amount of information to convey that; I don't know any details beyond that. If someone knows anything about this or is able to discover the circumstances that led to this monastery's apostasy, feel free to add it in, or give the account to someone who can add it in if you don't have an account. --RdrAndrew (talk) 02:06, February 5, 2022 (UTC)