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Just wanted to state again here that general articles like this should be focused on things specifically related to Eastern Orthodoxy. I'm going to leave this article here because of the couple relevant links (though I wonder if the Coptic one would be better in a directory of churches in Asia). I'd think we need to go into Buddhist theology (or philosophy) or Buddhist history. I think there are things that could be said here, however. When I served as a short-term missionary in Thailand (before I became Orthodox), I kept thinking about the similarities between Thai Buddhist culture and Orthodoxy -- iconographic images, moonasticism, respect for ancestors, etc. I wonder if some of these parallels could be drawn out in a way that picks up the graces that are there while avoiding the two perils of relatism and triumphalism. Finally, I am not aware of any kind of Orthodox Buddhist dialogue, though the similarities and differences in monastic tradition would be very interesting to see as well.— FrJohn (talk)

Fr.John said, "...we need to go into Buddhist theology (or philosophy)": yes, better say philosophy. Buddhism is a non-theistic religion [1] (that's why I have included the quote by the present Dalai Lama).

Whoops, meant to say we do not need to go into it... yep, that's why I added (or philosophy). Fr. John

Please check out the new links: Comparing Christianity & Buddhism by Peter Kreeft, and OCA - Q & A - Buddhism and Conversion to Orthodoxy on Buddhism page.