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Just out of curiosity, is it the standard here to use "modern English" versions of troparia and kondakia, as opposed to the common Elizabethan ones? I personally prefer the latter, but I'm more in favor of having a standard in this regard than insisting on an idiosyncracy. -- Aaron

I don’t think that the OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual addresses the use of standard English is the display of hymns, prayers, or biblical quotes. My opinion is that the troparia and kondakia are displayed in the articles to help the reader to know the feeling of the Church with reference to the saint or feast day. So "modern English" is best. In a church service, it is the sound that is more important. I notice that churches the sing in "modern English" will use arrangements that keep the Elizabethan pronouns at the end of lines, because of the sound. Andrew 05:51, April 30, 2007 (PDT)
There has not been a definitive standard set for OrthodoxWiki as yet. Both styles are used here. My preference is for classical Modern English (i.e. "Elizabethan"), rather than late Modern English (which yields the lovely "You Who" construction). —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 08:29, April 30, 2007 (PDT)