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Russian speakers!

Can anybody who speaks Russian possible give a better translation of the two bottom quotes? I understand basically what they mean, but the phrasing and some of the details (e.g., the lack of a conjugated verb in quote 2) seem strange in English. Gabriela 20:52, March 24, 2007 (PDT)

This is what I got from one Russian priest, on the second quote: "St. Ambrose uses a sort of "folksy" speech here, it is actually a verse - live and do not grieve, condemn no one and bother no one, and best regards to all"" I hopefully will have something better on the other quote too... however, while these quotes probably are impressive in Russian, I think it might be just as well to eliminate this section of the article... until quotes from standard translations might replace them. Frjohnwhiteford 23:26, March 24, 2007 (PDT)
Ok, much thanks. That does sound a lot better. Gabriela 20:54, March 25, 2007 (PDT)