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What purpose does this article serve? It seems to be a duplication of already available material from, the only addition being of schismatic parishes. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 10:53, April 2, 2012 (HST)

The official Greek Orthodox Archdiocese website doesn't update regularly so I go on numerous updated websites and put them on this page. Costa D.

Pending Deletion

As per discussion on OW:Admin, I am replacing OW directory pages with links to the directory, and to the website of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. This article should be deleted by the end of 2013. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 22:39, February 2, 2013 (HST)

Deleting it is NOT RIGHT OR PROPER. There are now Greek Orthodox churches which are recognised by the GREEK GOVERNEMENT as they are under recognised Old Calender Synods. REGARDLESS if they are recognised or not by the "official" other churches or even if they are branded schismatic, this page STATES 'GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCHES', and they are still GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCHES. These are the FACTS. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is NOT the only greek orthodox churches in Australia! FILOIGIAPANTA
Filoigiapanta - there are two factors at play here.
  • OrthodoxWiki operates under what is known as a Mainstream Chalcedonian Bias. In context, this means that the encyclopedia is biased towards parishes that are part of the 14/15 Autocephalous Orthodox Churches (e.g. Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, etc etc). The Greek government has little to do with OrthodoxWiki, and churches outside of those Autocephalous Orthodox Churches were never listed in OrthodoxWiki parish directories (e.g. up until 2007, that included ROCOR parishes).
  • OrthodoxWiki is an encyclopedia, not a parish directory. As far back as 2006, it was said that OrthodoxWiki should avoid parish directories - having them when required (i.e. when no pan-Orthodox parish directory existed). That's why there are no parish listings for the USA - they used to exist, and then they were deleted because was doing this job. Please refer to the OW:Admin page for more details on this discussion. Once the page was made, the purpose of having directory articles on OrthodoxWiki no longer existed.
As you can see above (and on the OW:Admin page), this page is pending deletion some time this year - the only question is how quickly. I'm happy to delete the page immediately - this would, after all, remove any bias. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 14:27, February 3, 2013 (HST)
So old calenderists synods -are not allowed to be listed on this ecyclopedia? Is that right Pistevo? so what are pages like doing on wiki? No one is saying about a parish listing, yet you have added the Archdiocese parish listings.


This is a red herring - articles exist about a number of old calendarist groupings (with a MCB), including the Metropolis in question, but their parishes are not mentioned in any OrthodoxWiki parish directory because they are not in one of the 14/15 Autocephalous Orthodox Churches. Of course, even this is tangential, because OrthodoxWiki is an encyclopedia, not a parish directory. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 15:02, February 3, 2013 (HST)
Further, this article is under discussion - edits to strongarm your version (which is against offical OW procedures) is not how things are done. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 15:15, February 3, 2013 (HST)