Tikhon (Khvorostinin) of Kazan

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His Eminence Tikhon I (Khvorostinin) of Kazan was the fifth ruling hierarch of the Eparchy of Kazan. He served only for two years, 1575 and 1576 before his repose while in office.


His early life is largely unknown. In 1572 and 1573, he was an abbot of the Ugreshsk Monastery and, later, of the Joseph Volokolamsk Monastery. Father Tikhon was consecrated to the episcopate on July 5, 1575 as archbishop of Kazan, succeeding Abp. Vassian who had reposed.

In 1576, Abp. Tikhon officiated in the burial of St. Barsonuphius, Bishop of Tver, who died on April 11, and was buried under the church-porch of the Holy Trinity Monastery near the Bishop’s house. Abp. Tikhon, reposed a short time later on June 11, 1576.

On November 15, 1700, Metropolitan Tikhon III of Kazan moved the relics of Abp. Tikhon I to a vault under the southern porch of the Annunciation Cathedral. Later during the years 1841 to 1846, when the cathedral was being enlarged, the body of Abp. Tikhon I was re-buried into the burial vault under the main altar.

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