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Our father among the saints Zosimus of Rome was the Bishop of Rome for over a year during the years of 417 and 418. He was noted for his temper that colored all the controversies in which he was involved. His feast day is celebrated on December 26.


Bishop Zosimus was of Greek ancestry. His father's name was Abram. The place and date of his birth are unknown as well as of his life before becoming bishop of Rome. He was consecrated Bishop of Rome was on March 18, 417.

He became involved in jurisdictional disputes in Gaul that favored the Bishop of Arles, Patroclus, who had gained Zosimus' favor after Patroclus had been unjustly made bishop of Arles by the imperial general Constantine over Bishop Heros. Zosimus added to the controversy by conferring on Patroclus the rights of metropolitan over the hierarchs of the Gallic provinces of Viennensis and Narbonensis. Also, Zosimus made Patroclus a vicar of all Gaul, wherein any ecclesiastic from Gaul traveling to Rome was required to have a certificate of identity from Patroclus.

Zosimus is best known for his role in the controversy over the heresy of Pelagianism that involved appeals of acts of condemnation by bishops of Africa that were mishandled by Zosimus. His actions managed to alienate many bishops in Africa who opposed the ideas of Pelagius and resulted in disagreements that continued well after the death of Zosimus.

Bishop Zosimus died on December 26, 418.

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Zosimus of Rome
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