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Sts. Zosima and Mary of Egypt

Our venerable and God-bearing father Zosima (Zosimos or Zosimas) was a holy monastic who encountered St. Mary of Egypt in the desert during the sixth century. He brought the story of her life back to the brothers at his monastery. He is commemmorated on April 4 as well as on April 1, alongside Mary of Egypt.

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Troparion (Tone 1) [1]

Let us the faithful praise Zosimas the offspring of the wilderness,
the angel in the flesh and boast of monks.
And with him let us also acclaim holy Mary of Egypt
whose life transcended the limits of nature;
and let us cry to them:
"Glory to Him Who strengthened you;
glory to Him Who made you holy;
glory to Him Who through you works healings for all."

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