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[[Image:Whitby_Abbey.jpg|right|thumb|300px|The ruins of Whitby Abbey]]
'''Whitby Abbey''' is a ruined [[monastery]] sited on Whitby's East Cliff in northern England.  It was founded in 657 AD by St. [[Hilda of Whitby|Hilda]]. The double monastery of monks and nuns was also home home to the great Saxon poet St. [[Caedmon]].
In 644, the abbey was the site of the [[Synod of Whitby]], at which the Northumbrian Celtic church was reconciled to [[Church of Rome|Rome]].  In 867, the abbey fell to Viking attack, and was abandoned until 1078, when it was re-founded by Reinferd.  The second monastery lasted until it was destroyed by Henry VIII in 1540.  The abbey buildings fell into ruins and were mined for stone, but remained a prominent landmark for sailors.
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