Vladimir of St. Julius of Egina in Orta

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Vladimir is bishop of non-canonical UAOC-K

He graduated in History of classical antiquity and Byzantine History - giving a dissertation on Byzantine canon law and civil law.

Formed from an early age in the Parish of Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow directed by Archimandrite Evloghij.

He became hieromonk in 1985 (ordined by Bishop Evloghij), then in 1992 and Hegumen and Archimandrite in 1994.

He was consecrated a bishop in 1995 by the Archbishop Evloghij, Archbishop Vigil of Paris and the Archbishop Vasily under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Kiev.

He was part of the Synod of Milan and head of the Department of Liturgy and of the Department of Canon Law.

In 2004 he went non-canonical UAOC-K.