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Victricius of Rouen

Our father among the saints Victricius of Rouen (French: Victrice, Italian: Vittricio), was a Roman legionnaire who found military service incompatible with his faith and became a missionary in northern France. He served as Bishop of Rouen from 386 to 407. His feast day is August 7.


Little is known of the early life of Victricius. Born about 330, he was the son of a Roman legionnaire and followed him into the military service. Having become a Christian, Victricius soon found the life in the military was not compatible with his faith and refused to remain in the army. As a result, he was subjected to flogging and was sentenced to be executed. However, he was able to avoid execution and was discharged.

Free of military service, Victricius became a missionary among the people of Flanders, Hainault, and Brabant of what is now northern France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. About 386, he was named Bishop of Rouen and gained a reputation as an able prelate. His reputation led to his being asked, in 396, to assist in the settlement of a dispute among a number of bishops in England.

In his latter years, Bp. Victricius was accused of heretical leanings, an accusation of which he was exonerated by Pope Innocent I of Rome who issued to Bp. Victricius the decretal "Liber Regularum".

A writer, Victricius wrote The Praise of Saints (De Laude Sanctorum). St. Victricius reposed in 407.

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