Vasilije (Kostić) of Žiča

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His Grace the Right Reverend Dr. Vasilije (Kostić) (Serbian: епископ др Василије (Костић)) was the Serbian Orthodox bishop of Banja Luka (1947-1961) and of Žiča (1961-1978).Holy Assembly of Bishops of Serbian Orthodox Church for Bishop of Banja Luka, on its first post-war session. He is ordaind by Patriarc Gavrilo and two other Bishops . Comunist regime gave him a lot of trobles so Holy Assembly transfered him on Bishopric of Žiča 1961. He died 1978.

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Vasilije (Kostić) of Žiča
Preceded by:
St. Platon
Bishop of Banja Luka
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Bishop of Žiča
Succeeded by:
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