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Anatoly Chistousov

Dear Stone, I think I may have misread your use of "church house", not appreciating that you were using it in the sense of Domus Ecclesia. Your use, I think, was proper. In English I don't remember "church house" being used very often, as "house" and "building" can be thought as interchangeable if a "home" is not intended. I think I would use a phrase such as "a church within a house" or "a church within a home". But, I think in this case your original use of "church house" would be satisfactory. Please revert my change to your original. When you make your change, I noticed a spelling error in the second paragraph of the section "Serving in Chechnya" - 'earned' is wrongly spelled earnrd'. Wsk 18:24, June 23, 2010 (UTC)