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Welcome Rdr. Christopher, it's good to have you onboard! FrJohn

Thank you Father,

I spend most of my time over at (username Oblio) where I have moderated for almost two years. We have grown from a small oupost of Orthodox Christianity on that forum to one of the more active groups on that board. While my knowledge is limited, I hope to be able to contribute in some small way at orthodoxwiki.

The rest of my time is spent raising my 9 month old daughter Anna and 2 year fosterchild Haley with my wife Alexandra. Of course I am also busy with mission work at

Thanks for the intro. I've noticed that christianforums is one of the most active online Orthodox community sites (cf. Online Orthodox Communities), but haven't spent much time there. I tried, but wasn't able to access In any case, I look forward to your participation here. FrJohn