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Were you aware that your source (La Crosse) is Roman Catholic? I don't know whether it makes any difference in the definition of a deanery, but I thought I should point it out anyway. —magda (talk) 07:41, January 19, 2006 (CST)

Yes I was. I am certainly not against Catholic, Protestant, or anything for that matter, when it coincides with truth. I was not able to find a reasonable online source from an Orthodox perspective and thought that these words were appropriate for Orthodox deaneries as well. Joe 20060119


Nice to see you Joe! — FrJohn (talk)

And you know, somehow I thought you were older than you appear to be.  :) —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 16:39, January 19, 2006 (CST)

Joe, this is Aleks. I got you message recently. Can you elaborate in an e-mail on what exactly you're interested in making? I think it would be great to have Menologion and OW work together, but I want to figure out the logistics first.