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Re: Patron Saint

It's a good question, Joe. I'm not sure who that would be. Let me think about this some more. I don't think we should change the name of the site to "St. so-and-so Orthodox Encyclopedia", but I wouldn't be adverse to seeking the intercession of an appropriate patron. Do you or others have any suggestions? Fr. John

Perhaps the bishop of this Wiki's founder should get the nod in suggesting the appropriate patron(s)? uncreatedlight 14:59, 16 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Patron Saint

Please add you nominations at OrthodoxWiki:Patron saint. Thanks, Fr. John 12:42, November 7, 2005 (CST)


Maybe that section should get its own page, with a link from the Community Portal. —magda (talk) 16:42, November 10, 2005 (CST)

With the new wiki-version, change your preferences to get your sig to display as it used to: Help:Custom signatures. I would go ahead and submit your logo(s); people can decide to change their votes. —magda (talk) 14:48, November 15, 2005 (CST)