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:: [[:osource:Author:John Whiteford]]  
:: [[:osource:Author:John Whiteford]]  
:: We can take it from there ... In essence, you are free to post whatever material you like from your page. - [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 23:53, July 24, 2008 (UTC)
:: We can take it from there ... In essence, you are free to post whatever material you like from your page. - [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 23:53, July 24, 2008 (UTC)
PS. I want to use '''all''' of your articles (if possible)! They are ALL great! Cheeky isnt it. [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 00:06, July 25, 2008 (UTC)

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Welcome to OrthodoxWiki!

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Dcn. David talk contribs 09:28, March 17, 2007 (PDT)


I just wanted to say that it's good to see you here, Fr. John! I think we've interacted once or twice online before. You've probably heard this before, but your article on sola scriptura was one of the "clinchers" that helped bring me to Orthodoxy 10 years ago. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 14:33, March 18, 2007 (PDT)

Recent image uploads

Hello, Father! Please be sure to tag all your recent image uploads appropriately so we can be sure that they meet our legal obligations to honor copyright law. You can find information on how to do so here. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 04:25, March 19, 2007 (PDT)


Hi Fr. John, Thanks for your recent blog post - There is a lot written these days about Wikipedia and it's accuracy. It's worth talking about this more - there's some discussion at OrthodoxWiki:Meta_Reflections. I think these things (OWiki and Wikipedia) just need to be taken on their own terms. Maybe the critics are responding to some of the hype. Whatever problems remain (and there are some, and they're worth talking about), these don't negate the value of the project. In any case, we're glad you're contributing here. — FrJohn (talk)

Article idea

Fr. John,

Khristos voskrese!

I was wondering if you might consider putting together an article on the history of the relationship between the ROCOR and the MP (perhaps similar to the ROCOR and OCA article in terms of general idea). It would particularly be valuable to have someone who's going to witness the reconciliation in Moscow be able to include firsthand accounts of that event. A suggested title might be ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchate. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 08:31, May 7, 2007 (PDT)

I'm going to Moscow in less than a week, and so I don't have the time to work on that right now, but I can when I get back. Frjohnwhiteford 03:41, May 8, 2007 (PDT)
Thanks. That'd be great! —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 11:14, May 8, 2007 (PDT)

Holy Virgin Cathedral

Hello Father John. I want to ask you if the Cathedral of the Theotokos, Joy of All Who Sorrow, San Francisco, California, where are the holy relics of Saint John Maximovitch, it is under the jurisdiction of ROCOR or of the jurisdiction of Russian orthodox church in exile ? Arthasfleo 01:07, September 20, 2007 (PDT)

It is part of ROCOR. Frjohnwhiteford 03:14, September 20, 2007 (PDT)
Thank you Arthasfleo 03:41, September 20, 2007 (PDT)


Yes, you're right, Father. I guess I was just trying to be overly charitable, seeing as the user was Orthodox and wasn't posting material that was obscene or outright vandalism. But everything he's posted is pretty clearly advertising his own site, so I'll go ahead and block him. Thanks for the correction! Gabriela 23:24, February 11, 2008 (PST)

References syntax

When making the references section part of a "div", it seems to work better to assign class="small" rather than class="references-small" (the latter does not "smallify" anything for my display). I'm not sure whether that's just on my display, but I thought I'd let you know. —magda (talk) 09:54, February 25, 2008 (PST)

Photo of St. Stephen the Protomartyr

Hi father, I was browsing the St. Jonah site yesterday and came across a photo that was taken by you of St. Stephen the protomartyr at The Holy Trinity Lavra in Russia ... with your permission, can we host this image on OrthodoxSource for the Apostle Stephen the Protomartyr article? It is such a great photo and the image of the relic would be great for people to witness ... Vasiliki 23:22, July 24, 2008 (UTC)

You certainly may. Frjohnwhiteford 23:30, July 24, 2008 (UTC)
Thanks, I have done it. Can you check that I have filled the information out right for the image? See:



I also notice that you do a lot of writing and have a lot of articles stored on the St. Jonah site and on your blog. I want to invite you to host these articles on OrthodoxSource. If you are interested in offering OrthodoxSource the right to have your articles loaded onto the site, please contact me and I will help you to set up your page! I hope you can say YES! - Vasiliki 23:22, July 24, 2008 (UTC)

Let me know which articles you have in mind. Frjohnwhiteford 23:30, July 24, 2008 (UTC)
I will set up an "Authors" page for you which can be accessed at:
osource:Authors-W or directly at your own page
osource:Author:John Whiteford
We can take it from there ... In essence, you are free to post whatever material you like from your page. - Vasiliki 23:53, July 24, 2008 (UTC)

PS. I want to use all of your articles (if possible)! They are ALL great! Cheeky isnt it. Vasiliki 00:06, July 25, 2008 (UTC)