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Hi Basil!

I just finally got around to checking this message that you left for me a few months ago (copied below) and I appreciate the heads up! I understand that our articles should pertain to Orthodox Christianity. Nevertheless, I was hoping the articles deleted could in future be an explanation of Orthodox views on those religions - i.e. a more accurate explanation of how they are "break-aways" from our ancient Church and anything Christian about them they simply copied from us. That being said and given the views of the editors for OrthodoxWiki, why then do there exist articles about Roman Catholicism?

Thanks again.

In Christ, -p

Dear Paulglass4u:

After some discussion with FrJohn, founder and lead sysop, I've deleted the articles you recently added on Lutheranism, Protestantism, and Old Catholicism.

An important feature of the subject orientation of OrthodoxWiki is that articles should pertain to Orthodox Christianity. (See the article on what OrthodoxWiki is about.) An article about the (purely hypothetical) Middle Earth Faux Baptist Convention would need to include information about the relations between Middle Earth Faux Baptists and Middle Earth Orthodox (such as Saint Gandalf the White), if there are any. Otherwise, users are free to use the Wikipedia project to learn more about the Middle Earth Faux Baptists.

I should note that a few of the pages you added had been deleted multiple times previously, so you're certainly not the first editor to make this mistake.

There is quite a lot to be said about the relationship of Orthodoxy to the sects and movements you were speaking of (think Cyril Lucaris, for example). However, such pages need to be concise and exclusively focused on their relations to Orthodoxy.

Thanks for your work editing. Let me know if you have any questions.