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Welcome Reader Andrew! Glad to have you onboard - thanks for your contributions!


Sure thing, Father! Thanks for the opportunity to procrastinate productively.  :)

Rdr. Andrew 21:50, 18 Dec 2004 (CST)

Per your request, Rdr Andrew:

OrthodoxWiki Capitalization Style

The following items should be capitalized in OrthodoxWiki articles:

  • God and Trinity
  • Church (when referencing the Church catholic; not when used as a generic reference for a local church)
  • titles: Lord, Lady, Theotokos, Christ and titles with names, for example: Saint John, Apostle Peter, Bishop Basil, etc., but not saint, apostle, bishop, etc., as regular nouns
  • proper names: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Jesus, James, John, etc.
  • Feast days: Pascha, Annunciation, Theophany, Transfiguration, etc. (however, within texts for a particular feast, it is not the title which is being referenced, but the event, so capitalization is unnecessary: "Your birth..." or "Thy nativity...," not "Your Birth..." or "Thy Nativity...")
  • O (as in "O Lord," or "O Lady Theotokos,")

Other terms (including personal pronouns for God) leave uncapitalized.

--Basil 11:14, 10 Jan 2005 (CST)

  • Moved to StyleGuide - FrJohn

Re: Category:Liturgics

Is this where articles on hymn types (troparia, kontakia, apolytikia, exapostilaria, canons, etc.) should go? --Basil 21:14, 11 Jan 2005 (CST)

Thanks for the help. --Basil 17:52, 12 Jan 2005 (CST)