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Orthodox Christian since 2007 Diploma, St. Stephen's School of Theology (Antiochian House of Studies), 2013

Brief Bio:

  I was baptized as a child but not formatively raised in the Orthodox Faith. I became an evangelical Christian at 14, and remained so for 20 years, attending Calvary Chapel and other non-denominational Churches. In 2007 I started attending St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in West St. Paul, MN. In 2009 I began the St. Stephen's program, finishing the Diploma in the Spring of 2013. I intend to go for the Master's Degree through Balamand and expect to complete that by end of 2014. I also hold a B. Sci. in Mathematics from St. Mary's University (Class of 1998) in San Antonio, Texas. My theological interests include Christian apologetics and the problem of God's relationship to evil. I live in West St. Paul, MN. I can be reached at