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that's the usual "id picture" I use on forum (Ely, blog, ..), an Icon of patron-saint of Belgium, saint Maternos of Trier and Tongeren (end 1st c.)

About Me

My name is Jean-Michel Dossogne. As you won't guess from my name, good Belgian mixture, I come from Flanders, but lives in Wallonia. I speak French, Flemish and English, a little German, and college souvenirs from Greek & Latin are sometimes possible. Sometimes.

I have been 12 years in the Belgian Navy (first class petty officer, electronic warfare & telecom), am decorated of Military Merit, Gulf War 1988, Kuweit Liberation Medal (Gulf War 1991) and a "long term" service medal. Our beloved Lord placed lots of lifebuoys and lifelines in my life. The one and only I didn't ignore was Nathalie, who became my wife. The Lord has given us the grace of 3 pious princesses. I left the Navy for the Police when my wife was pregnant of our first daughter. After some years of duty as intervention patrol, I started my conversion for the K9 patrol with Sultan, our young german shepperd. One year later, I had a "little problem" on service, during a violent football match we had to control, hospital couldn't help. Administration placed me on forced premature retirement for handicap, low income thus. To touch Jacob, our Lord had to send an Angel to fight with him, and only then he understood.. That's my first real conscious contact with God.

My first steps with Orthodoxy where with the Eastern part, at the Greek parish of Charleroi, in january 2000. It took 2 more years for the conviction, and on wednesday 4 june 2003, I was received in the Communion of the "Unam, Sanctam, Catholicam et Apostolicam Ecclesiam", via h.g abp Simon, Moscow Patriarcate, in Bruxelles. Deo gratias. We are not willing to be forced to attach to any particular "ethnic" parish : "nor Jew, nor Greeks" is important for us.

Since 12/feb/2006, I am an acolyte, attached to Metochion sainte Catherine d'Alexandrie et saint Feuillen in Philippeville, kingdom of Belgium. I am the responsible for the parish website, under supervision of our father abbot/higoumen.

I am member of the Velosolex Club of Belgium - my old black "mopette" is as old as I am, but works much better now..

As our Lord said that to have long days on earth, we have to honnour our parents (Exode 20,12) : I am particularly involved in the veneration of all what our Church Fathers and Mothers from the Orthodox West have brought to the hole Church. Liturgically too.

External Links

  • My personal website - not only orthodox for several good reasons that are mine and known to my 'anamchara'.
    our family in autumn 2005, on our way to the Saint-Meen (Mewan) chapel, in our beautiful Ardennes