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I am D E Evans, commonly known as sinuhe in electronic phase space. You can find more about me at my home page: However, here's some information about me:

I was raised Mormon, but left after a successful, but disillusioning, mission to England and Wales, ending in 1995. I am the webmaster for St Stephen's Episcopal Church and am a member of the Confraternity at St Gregory's Abbey. I have been investigating the Orthodox Church for about 4 years now and on occasion attend Prophet Elias in Holladay, Utah.

By profession, I am a hacker for the GNU project, and was the last volunteer Chief Webmaster for the Free Software Foundation. I am an examiner and instructor for Red Hat, a GNU+Linux instructor for Oracle University, and Hewlett Packard Education and Training, and an instructor, courseware author, and a Unix and GNU+Linux hacker for Guru Labs LC.