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My name is Bojan Teodosijevic, I'm a law student attending St. Sava parish in the center of Belgrade. I was born in 1986, in an atheist family. Having read a children's Bible at an early age, I was alyways interested in religion, but thanks to the works of St. Nikolai Velimirovic, I was fully introduced to the life of the Church.

I believe that Internet is one of the most promising assests for spreading Orthodoxy in modern era, second only to personal witnessing. As for my spiritual side, St. George the Greatmartyr is my patron, even though I consider St. Nectarios to be my secondary patron for a miracle I received thanks to this great man's intercession.


  1. Canon
  2. Great Canon
  3. Magnificat
  4. Prayer of the Three Holy Children
  5. Saint Andrew of Crete
  6. Saint Cosmas the Hymnographer
  7. Saint Habbakuk the Prophet
  8. Saint Isaiah the Prophet
  9. Saint Jonah the Prophet
  10. Saint Sabbas the Sanctified
  11. Saint Samuel the Prophet
  12. Saint Theophanes the Confessor and Hymnographer

External Links

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  • [2] - My site on Orthodox spirituality.