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Pistevo agrees with a number of Wiki philosophies:

  • Immediatism: an article should not be able to look unprofessional or to contain false, misleading or, in controversial articles, unnecessarily unsourced information.
  • Inclusionist Precisionism: a large amount of information is preferable to a small amount, but any information must be within policy and within the bounds of what OrthodoxWiki is for.
  • Separatism: OrthodoxWiki is not paper, and that gives the freedom to make a lot of small articles so that people can find what they're looking for quicker and easier.
  • Exopedianism: Most of my contributions are to do with the encyclopaedia, rather than building community or such.

Since being made sysop in July 2005, I've found the greatest difficulties in dealing with requests for unreasonable exceptions from OrthodoxWiki policy - primarily from either agenda or from personal research.