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This page whishes to be a hightly interactive collective page in which anyone is invited to add more observations in wich he shows briefly and clearly why he is Orthodox (what he finds the most motivant for he), why he has not an other belief (what unwanted aspects other religions have, but we haven't) or, simply, a few beautiful thoughts of his soul, concerning the Orthodoxy At the end of this page there are inserted links that point to sites that promote the Orthodoxy's values: authors's original papers (of those who publish in this page) or that was written by others, sites dedicated to great theologians, Orthodox sites, online Orthodox libraries.

I am Orthodox Becouse:

  • The God at Who the Christians and the Jews pray thereselfs doesn't appear in a preexistent Universe, there are no laws before or out of He. He is above the time and He created all that exists.
  • The morality and all that relies to the goodness are valueless phrases if He would not exist. Only God makes sense to morality.
  • He is the Love Itself. And His existence shows this truth in an beautiful manner becouse there are three Persons among it is love - That is becouse the Love needs at least two persons...
  • To obtain the Redemption we need to make efforts. But only God decides if this happens or not. The Salvations can not be buyed with money.
  • The daily life shows us amazing facts that surpass in a strong manner our knowledge and our hope.
  • All things ar linked among they in such a wonderful way! It must exist above us Someone who do all these to move!
  • In almost all the religions the god(s) is/are an strong force in front of Which we need to be terrified. Only in the New Testament God shows you that He loves us, He descend at our level and give us also the liberty to decide what to do. (The fact is also happen, partially, in the Old Testament).
  • When I am entering in an Orthodox Church, I am feeling peace and warmness, I am at home.
  • When I enter in a Catholic Church, I feel majesty and silence. But a could silence.
  • If the Protestants organize a Conference, all is perfectly made. I am feeling as I am at a products presentations. Nothing is forgotten. It lacks only ... God.
  • Wisdom. Once, the wisdom of the Ten Commandments. Next, the wisdom to replace them with only two: with love for God and with love man. Becouse when you love, we also accomplish, automatically, the above ten ones.
  • The Orthodoc Church isn't involved in politics. Politics could mean many not-Christians things, compromises, lie, to impel people to satisfy earthly interests, not the spiritual ones. A priest that does politics has a little time for God, He is catched between the need to help human interests and to defend the God's word. The great teologians of the last centuries are Orthodox.
  • The Orthodox Churches are full of Holy Grace, of people and of wonderful light.
  • There is no excessive tend to "modernize" the Church. We must not forget that the science evolves all the time and, so, what today it is deemed to be a modern thinking or thing, tomorrow may be only something old and untrue. Could us to impose to Church to follow a leaf that is carried as the wind blow? I do not want to criticize the science, I observe only that the science come to the infinitum that God had created. The merit of the science is that it seeks the truth, but the whole truth is God. Not only God should not follow the science, but the true science is like a flower that turns itself in the direction where He is the Truth.
  • I have gone to Church with my grandfather.
  • Iisus had been taught us what to do to gain the redemption 2,000 years ago and, from those times, He didn't arrive to teach us an other thing. So, we must follow that message. The Orthodox Church is the Church that kept in the most unchanged manner the teaching that the God gave us.

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