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Greetings in Christ!

My name is Juvenaly, named at my baptism after the Protomaryr of America. I am a memberr of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, (ROAC). I am a parishoner of Saint Basil of Kineshma Parish in Colorado Springs, CO.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and converted to Orthodox 2 years ago. I love reading of the lives of the Saints and spend a lot of my time transposng various books and articles on the life of the Orthodox Church and the Lives of the Saints.

One of my current prohects is to transpose the Russia's Catacomb Saints. This was the last great work of Blessed Father Seraphim (Rose) and I feel that since the Saint Herman of Alaska Brother hood feels it is not prudent to reprint this book it should be available at leaat in part online for those that wish to know the history of these brave Confessors of Christ under the Soviet persecutions.

I like meeting new people and thought that this might be a good place ot share my knowledge, how ever minimal this might be.

In Christ, Juvenaly