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The Hours and Typika[http://sites.google.com/a/japan.lakeland.edu/hours-and-typika/home] are back, new and improved!
<CENTER><H3>About John Bockman</CENTER>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="me.jpg" WIDTH=159.3 HEIGHT=181.7></P>
<BR>Address: Akatsutsumi 1-43-1-405, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 156-0044, Japan
<BR><I>Likes</I>: Languages and teaching, classic movies, Irish music, English ale on tap, mountain hiking and cycling, Japanese hot springs, <I>Morrowind</I>.
<BR><I>Dislikes</I>: Neckties, dead-fish handshakes, wet doorknobs.
<BR>Born in Roswell, New Mexico, 1953. Raised in Tucson, Arizona.
<BR>Chrismated into the Orthodox Church, 1974.
<BR>Master of Arts degree in (teaching) English as a Second Language, University of Arizona, 1977.
<BR>Moved to Japan, 1979.
<BR>Married Naomi Sophia Ozaki, at the Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Tokyo, 1981.  <FONT FACE="SYMBOL">o anhr authV hnesen authn, Pollai qugatereV ekthsanto plouton, pollai epoihsan dunata, su de uperkeisai kai uperhraV pasaV.</FONT>
(Ihr Mann lobt sie: "Es sind wohl viele tuchtige Frauen, du aber ubertriffst sie alle."/ Her husband praises her, "Many daughters have obtained wealth, many have wrought valiantly; but thou hast exceeded, thou hast surpassed all." [Prov. 31:28-29])
<BR>One daughter, born 1982.
<BR>Took up study of Greek, ca. 1996.
<BR>A pilot page of an Interlinear Greek-Japanese Gospel of St. John, painstakingly typed using a vintage typewriter-style word processor, was rejected by a religious publisher in Tokyo, ca. 1997. (A Jesuit classicist scholar who had reviewed the page objected to the pronunciation scheme.) Tried to continue but lacked a publisher and a suitable word processor.
<BR>Took up biblical studies, 1999-2000, publishing a paper, <I>Who were the "Sons of God" and the "Giants" in Gen. 6:1-4?</I>, in The Struggler, June-Sept. 2000.
<BR>Resurrected the interlinear Gospel after buying a computer, Feb. 2000, and published some time before Pascha, 2004.
<BR>Decided an on-line Greek-English version would have more widespread appeal, June 2004. Began work in July after learning HTML.
<BR>Currently an instructor at Nevada-California International Consortium of Universities and Colleges, Tokyo, preparing Japanese high school graduates for foreign study.

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The Hours and Typika[1] are back, new and improved!